Return Policies

  • Cleanses are non-refundable

  • Course tuition will not be refunded once a course has begun because all of the audio files and videos are immediately available for download. Natasha wants your full commitment before you begin; she’s fully committed to your progress once you’re her student/client.

  • Course tuition refunds for Natasha Wellness courses will be issued if your cancellation request is received at least 48 hours before the start of a course, minus a processing fee.** If you are returning a course at least 48 hours before the course has begun, the processing fees are as follows:
    • $50 for courses costing less than $350.
    • $100 for courses costing between $350 and $1,000.
    • $500 for courses and programs costing more than $1,000.

The reason these returns are strict is because you’re typically also buying access to content that you can use immediately upon purchase before the course begins.

  • Cancellations initiated within 48 hours of a course’s start will receive a refund minus 25 percent of the cost of tuition. No refunds will be issued after a course has begun. If circumstances necessitate, you may delay your start date one time.
  • Requests to defer course start dates should be sent to One deferral per student is permitted and will be assessed a $100 administrative fee. Once you’ve requested a deferral, you’re considered a member of the course. Thus, you are not eligible for any cancellation or refund.
  • Retreat cancellations with requests for refunds or credits are only entertained at least 4 weeks before the scheduled event starts. There will be no refunds or credits given during or after the 4 weeks leading up to the event.
  • If you need to cancel your one-on-one appointment and reschedule, please contact me by email, text, or phone as soon as you know. Life happens and we can’t avoid unexpected emergencies. I get it. However, this is a business and a broken appointment without proper notice affects my bottom line. I hope you understand that unless it’s a dire emergency, a client who does not show up for the booked appointment and does not give me a minimum 24-hour notice will be billed a cancellation fee of $25. Of course, legitimate emergencies are exceptions.
  • Course content is non-transferable and cannot be shared. If members break this policy, it is grounds for expulsion without a refund.
  • Natasha Wellness will not share your personal information with anyone.
  • For any further questions about Natasha Wellness policies, feel free to contact Natasha at