Meet Natasha

I am a Boston-based health + wellness coach and certified yoga teacher. I have always been interested in the effects that food, herbs, and exercise have on the human body. Through my studies of Ayurveda and Ancient Chinese Herbal Medicine, I’ve honed my interest in Ayurvedic habit science, food, and exercise into expertise that can help you live in line with your inherent wellness.

Ever since I can remember I've been on a health journey to heal myself. As a teenager I was slowly gaining weight, dealing with anxiety, depression binge drinking followed by binge eating, and a huge lack of self-confidence. After realizing my pharmaceuticals were causing more harm than good I tossed them out the window and began trying every alternative medicine path under the sun; Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, gross herbs (bat poop was legit one of them), diets, cleanses, yada yada. 8 years later I finally landed on something that actually helped: Yoga and Ayurveda. I became a yoga teacher and quickly after became a health coach. I healed myself and now I'm here to show others that through an ancient 5,000+ year old science, they can heal themselves too. Diets don't work, habit change and body wisdom does. I help my clients learn how to listen to their body and follow their intuition. Following the teaching of Ayurveda my clients learn how to live in sync with the earth's natural rhythms, to follow your own body's unique constitution and to understand what food and movement works best for you. Each person holds their own power and I honor that. What I teach is not a diet, but the power of self-healing with food, exercise, self-care, and habit change. It's all about kaizen (the japanese philosophy of continuous incremental improvement).

Since eliminating certain inflammatory foods years ago, I was on a mission to find new foods to enjoy and exciting ways to incorporate them. This kicked off my creative cooking obsession. My kitchen is mostly plant-based, with the occasional incorporation of other proteins to satisfy the unique needs of different bodies and constitutions. I believe in eating fresh, organic, local, and in-season foods for gut-health, energy, and vitality.

By eating holistically, I have healed my depression and taken control of my gut health. It would be my honor to teach you that you can slow down, become flexible in your body and mind, and nourish yourself mentally and physically.


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