“I was referred to Natasha Wellness by my Chiropractor after years of dealing with lingering upper and lower back pain.  I was wasting away; gaunt and underweight, losing my mind, numb, anxious, and depressed.  

From healthy eating to healthy living habits, emotional intelligence and physical perseverance were some of the stepping stones in Natasha's wellness plan for me.   I learned a lot from her mentorship and counseling.  She caters to all walks of life and is able to adapt, pivot and provide accountability for anyone that wants to take control of their life.   Natasha is extremely knowledgeable, well spoken, and empathetic to her clients.  I made a financial investment in her services and my life, and it paid out in spades.

A few of the things I learned in her program include:
Emotional and physical health is one interwoven infinity string. A proper nutritional plan is critical to maintaining the dexterity and durability for your life's path. Gaining or losing weight is an attainable goal if you make the time, create the healthy habits, and maintain your discipline.

Life can be hard, just find your middle way.  A pessimist can transmute to an optimist.  The glass is half full or half empty based on your current state of mind.  Stay present and the rewards in not giving up are SO WORTH IT! “