Do you want to start the New Year
feeling refreshed + rejuvenated?

After a Holiday Season filled with pie, sweets, and alcohol, it's time to hit the refresh button! This is a mind and body detox. In this cleanse you will come back to simplicity in daily life with self-care habits and nourish yourself with whole, grounding foods. Boost your immunity, drop unwanted weight, and detox your liver. The best thing about this cleanse? It's VIRTUAL so you can do it from anywhere and on your own time!


This cleanse is for you if you suffer from...
skin issues
...or are just looking to cleanse AFTER THE HOLIDAYS


Can you commit to 7 days to a
restored metabolism,
enhanced digestion,
and a deeper sense of balance?


This cleanse involves REAL food
which means there will be...

NO starvation
NO supplements
NO complicated recipes
NO expensive ingredients

I mentioned this is a mind and body detox. What does that mean? On top of eating nutritious foods you'll also be guided through the yummiest self-care practices like self-massage, oils, tongue scraping, meditation, hydration, and yoga. It's easy to forget about ourselves during the holidays. The season is all about giving, so why not give to the most important person in your life: YOU.

What's included?
7 days + easing in and easing out
Two conference RECORDINGS
Recipes for food + drink
Guided meditations

Signing up is the hardest part. Remove outdated patterns, evolve cravings, trade up habits, lose weight, gain mental clarity, start better habits, streamline how you prepare food for yourself or those who you care for.
You'll have stability moving forward to maintain.
You can do this, I've got your back.


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