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There is a beautiful cottage just 3 hours north of Boston that sits on a lake where sunsets are taken in and kayaks are taken out. On the weekend of May 19th, three teachers will guide you into your own awakening through Yoga, Journey Dance, Meditation, and Nature Walks. You'll participate in cooking classes and herbal workshops learning how to take care of your own mind, body, and soul. Surrounded by newly found kindred spirits you might create connections you never thought could be so deep. Open heart, open mind, open soul. Walk away feeling relaxed, renewed, and radiant.

During your free time enjoy engaging in a playful nature hike, canoeing, kayaking, or lounging via hammock with a good book. You may also take part in your own personal practice by journaling, creating a vision board, or connecting with your new community.

Choose to camp under the stars or curl up in our cozy cottage (space limited so book early!). Your body will be revitalized with delicious, organic, wholesome meals prepared with love while you tend to your soul within.

$350 investment for this all inclusive (housing, meals, activities) weekend retreat
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