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This is it - the 3rd and final part of my Lyme healing journey. If you haven’t yet, head over and read Part 1 and Part 2. Let’d dive in…

After I finished my 3 week round of antibiotics I went back on my herbal protocol feeling 80% better with a little ways to go. I was finally ready to start moving my body past my occasional short walks. My body was so deconditioned that taking a 60 minute yoga class required a lot more childs poses and a longer savasana. Slowly and surely I was able to increase my stamina as my energy increased and moving my body was a longed for pastime I came to cherish once again. My creativity and inspiration was sparked once again and I returned to my business. The amount of brain fog I experienced made me think I would no longer be passionate about my work - it was terrifying! Slowly but surely the heavy veil of brain fog was lifted more and more week after week and I remembered what I was put on this earth to do - to help people like you!

In February I started slowly coming off my Lyme herbal protocol. I’ve had a few bad days as my body adjusted but all in all I’m feeling better and better as time goes on. Chronic Lyme doesn’t necessarily go away but rather goes into remission (although bee venom therapy is said to be the only means of eradicating it completely - something I’m very interested in) so this is something I’m prepared to live with. I’m hoping I don’t relapse, which can and does happen to many Lymies so I’m prepared for that as well.

As a health coach I spend a lot of my time researching health-related issues for my practice so I spent a lot of time digging deep into Lyme and EBV on the internet and through trusted resources. Some might even say it was obsessive but it needed to happen. I felt like I couldn’t trust our healthcare system and I was all I had. I would read 10 articles a day for 6 months trying to figure out what was going on and how to cure myself. I created Facebook relationships with people who were going through the same thing. I met a girl who was healing her Lyme and EBV with the Medical Medium protocol. I tried it myself but in the end the Medical Medium protocol had actually worsened my symptoms again. It just goes to show that every body and journey is different. All in all I felt that my holistic approach and having a badass healing team on my side is what helped me get better so quickly. Healing healing from a chronic illness is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Neither are diets and exercise programs for that matter. We are individuals with different needs. My education in Ayurveda taught me to honor this and live a lifestyle rooted in this notion. We are all very unique and it’s truly a beautiful thing!

I want to share with you what I’ve been doing to support my healing journey. The healing work that I’ve done doesn’t stop at my herbal protocol and antibiotics. These are factors that will work for anybody on their own journey because they are about listening to your body and emotions. Healing truly begins in the mind.

  • Changing my diet by eliminating inflammatory foods like gluten (which I eliminated a decade ago), dairy, alcohol, caffeine (I drink matcha instead) and sugar. Did you know that our diet is responsible for 90% of our health?

  • Remove toxic household and personal care products. (Follain has amazing non-toxic beauty products. Code ref15_m2i7uh for 15% off onilne or mention me in store.)

  • Check for mold! Mold can make Lyme impossible to heal.

  • Following a daily routine when it came to eating times, waking time, bed time, etc. You can read more about syncing up to the Ayurvedic clock here.

  • Oil massage and/or dry brushing

  • Epsom salt baths for relaxation and to soak in magnesium (most people are deficient in this mineral).

  • Listening to my body when it required rest and giving it the self-care it needed with bubble baths, naps, short walks in the fresh air, stretching, meditating, journaling.

  • Meditation (I use Calm) and positive affirmations like I am healthy, I am strong, I am full of energetic light.

  • Aromatherapy (aka essential oils) I made my own Bye Lyme blend with DoTERRA’s cassia, thyme, on guard, oregano, melissa, frankincense, patchouli, and clove.

  • Taking vitamins I (and most people) am deficient in like a good multivitamin, B12, C, D, fish oil, zinc. When my immunity felt compromised I would also take echinacea goldenseal, Beekeeper’s Naturals propolis throat spray (code NATASHAWELLNESS for 10% off), turmeric + ginger, and elderberry syrup.

  • Taking L-Glutamine, digestive enzymes and collagen for my gut health.

  • Adaptogens like ashwagandha, astragalus and reishi.

  • Talk therapy. I found telehealth to be the best option for me so I wouldn’t have to leave the house.

  • Massages (1-2x a month) - careful not to get a deep tissue when feeling unwell as it leads to intense detoxing and flu-like symptoms

  • Chiropractic adjustments (~1-2x a week)

  • Acupuncture (~1x a week)

  • Far infrared saunas (~1x a week). Far infrared saunas work by raising your core body temperature, which, in turn helps kill bacteria and viruses that are living in your body. Sweat that sh*t out!

As you can see it took a village and I’m so grateful for my healing team. I truly believe that my knowledge and commitment to changing my diet and lifestyle with the addition of allowing myself to explore other alternative methods of healing is what got me to where I am today.

Unfortunately, Lyme treatment is not covered by insurance and all of the doctors appointments and supplements have been paid for out of our pockets. It’s a privilege to be able to afford treatment as I know there are many people out that that cannot. If you are struggling to afford treatment there are many low-cost things you can do right now to start feeling better. Refer to the list above for some ideas or reach out so we can talk.

If you are suffering from a chronic illness and need diet and lifestyle I would be honored to support you as a health coach. I provide personalized meal plans, customized prepared meal delivery in the Boston area, one-on-one virtual and in-person coaching, Ayurvedic and mindfulness coaching. Schedule a complimentary consult here if you need support with your chronic illness.