“Natasha really helped me out with my diet and general life habits.  I started eating healthier, losing weight, having more energy, and have become more productive.  I've also learned a lot of cool things about the body and things we can do to improve ourselves.  She was very helpful and I highly recommend her. “


“I did the 10 habits in 10 weeks program with Natasha this spring, and am so happy I chose to work with her on achieving holistic health. I started the program hoping for improvements in nutritional balance and physical health. Not only did that happen, but most importantly, I feel mentally and emotionally calmer and prepared for meal-planning, letting go of mistakes, and allowing myself time and space for self-care and mindfulness. Natasha is a patient, nonjudgmental, open-minded coach, and I highly recommend working with her. “


“…From healthy eating to healthy living habits, emotional intelligence and physical perseverance were some of the stepping stones in Natasha's wellness plan for me.   I learned a lot from her mentorship and counseling.  She caters to all walks of life and is able to adapt, pivot and provide accountability for anyone that wants to take control of their life.   Natasha is extremely knowledgeable, well spoken, and empathetic to her clients.  I made a financial investment in her services and my life, and it paid out in spades. A few of the things I learned in her program include: Emotional and physical health is one interwoven infinity string. A proper nutritional plan is critical to maintaining the dexterity and durability for your life's path. Gaining or losing weight is an attainable goal if you make the time, create the healthy habits, and maintain your discipline…”


"Natasha did an amazing job. I had no prior experience with Ayurveda or yoga outside of the basic knowledge and she was able to explain everything in a way that made sense to me with no problem. Natasha is a kind spirit and truly wants to help people. She shared in joy with me when I understood something, and practiced and spent extra time with me on habits that wouldn't take. She helped me understand how to listen to my body and react vs do then listen. She was professional and positive and helped me stay focused throughout my journey."


“Natasha’s personalized meal plan was truly amazing and finally helped me get into the habit of eating healthy on a regular basis! I have very specific dietary restrictions (vegan, gluten free, allergic to sesame, etc.) and she gave me a meal plan based specifically for my needs and goals. The layout of the recipes are beautiful and each one is simple and very easy to follow…”


"Natasha’s 10 week whole body balance course was truly life changing. I’ve tried nutrition coaching before and Natasha’s is by far the best health and wellness coach I’ve ever had. She’s very warm, knowledgeable, and worked with me on a plan that was clearly personalized for me. After the course not only were my eating habits changed for the better, but my whole lifestyle changed. I’m more energetic, am sleeping great, and just more relaxed and happy."


"Each week we had a call where Natasha introduced a new habit. I enjoyed the reading, homework, and calls. The combination of the 3 really set up me up for success! After 10 weeks I lost weight, gained more energy, slept better, improved my digestion and so much more, seriously. I couldn't believe how many ailments she solved - I feel better than I thought I could."


"Natasha’s tips helped me assess and reconfigure my habits, we organized my kitchen and created several easy meal plans for my busy lifestyle. An added bonus, Natasha’s private yoga classes are amazing! She creates personalized sequences and makes adjustments as you are going through your practice."


"Natasha is kind, knowledgeable, caring, and passionate about making sure that, as a client, you are getting personally catered advice and coaching. Natasha taught me how to hydrate chia seeds, and enjoy green healthy smoothies, to realizing how my hips, core, and flexibility have been affected over the years of sitting in cars and at desks. The focus on my health has definitely increased, and am down 25 lbs from my high this year. Excited to continue the health, fitness, and nutrition journey- while also being patient, enjoying the process, not being too hard on myself, and surrounding myself with awesome positive people."