Missy F.

"Natasha gives you so many awesome resources and recipes, I was still trying out new things weeks after the program ended. I also love the platform she set up for the participants to connect and support one another during the process that was super easy to access and engage with. During this cleanse I reestablished some old habits I wanted to reinforce and gained some new like self massage that I really love! I learned new things about myself in ways I was not expecting and my experience gained through the cleanse exceeds in value far beyond the price point."

Moira K.

"I was impressed with the knowledge and new practices Natasha introduced me to. The cleanse itself was not just about the food which was really refreshing. It proved to be a holistic experience where you were asked to be mindful and reflective. One thing that also really resonated with me was that there were levels of the cleanse that you could choose from. The customization to fit whatever you wanted/needed it to be was unique. Natasha is not only motivated and knowledgeable but supportive, empathetic and nurturing. You can tell that she loves what she does and wants her clients to be successful. I felt really lucky to have bumped into her when I did."

Anna C.

"I just wanted to say thank you Natasha for this wonderful detox! So much new knowledge and practices that I can continue using and come back to. I also learned so much just about myself by turning inward and this was such a perfect time to do that. Just being mindful and aware, holy shit! You learn so much! But thanks again and thanks to everyone else for the support and inspiration!"